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The principles outlined in Listing/Delisting Policy (the “Policy”) build a framework of coin/token listing/delisting principles and procedures applied by BITDAX LTD and/or BITDAX Limited”) according to the User’s jurisdiction.

The objective of the Policy is to ensure that BITDAX.IO protects its business and Users by listing only legitimate coins/ tokens and provide the User with clear and transparent delisting procedure.

Future listings and delistings of coins/tokens on the Platform will be based on the guidelines set out in the Policy. BITDAX.IO will consider how each prospective coin/token that wishes to be listed or should be delisted on the Platform for prescribed reasons complies with the principles below.

To avoid doubts, words “coin” and “token” used in this Policy interchangeably.


Capitalized terms used in the Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the definitions provided below:

Coin: means a peer-to-peer decentralized digital representation of value (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum, etc) including tokens.

Coin issuer: means a company or coin team that issues the Coin.

Committee: means a BITDAX.IO’s committee comprised of senior management, and other employees, which presence is deemed necessary by a senior management team.

Delisting: means ceasing to support a particular Coin by BITDAX.IO, disabling Coin’s deposit/withdrawal functions and removing Coin’s trading pairs from the Platform.

Storage fee: means a fee for storing of delisted Coin that is charged after providing thirty (30) days possibility for Users to withdraw it.

Social Media: means BITDAX.IO’s official Twitter page available via and BITDAX.IO’s official Facebook page available via

Terms of Use: means an electronic agreement between the User and BITDAX.IO that applies to the User’s use of the Platform, any and all services, products and content provided by BITDAX.IO and is available via https://BITDAX.IO/terms.

Platform: means an environment created by BITDAX.IO that allows to trade Cryptocurrencies on BITDAX.IO’s official website – https://BITDAX.IO/.

Project: means a blockchain network where the digital asset is used.

User: means a person or a legal entity that has an account on the Platform and agrees on BITDAX.IO Terms of Use.


1.1 The listing procedure can be initiated by BITDAX.IO or by the Coin issuer itself.

1.2 If a listing procedure is initiated by BITDAX.IO, then it conducts a general internal audit among all existing Coins for most proper Coins for listing on the Platform.

1.3 To initiate a listing procedure the Coin issuer can make a listing application request via

1.4 The Committee examines all aforementioned requests on a first-come-first-served basis.

1.5 The Committee initiates an internal due diligence of the Coin’s documents received. As soon as due diligence is completed the Committee can approve or reject the listing of the Coin on the Platform.

1.6 The Committee reserves the right to reject the Coin listing without any reason.

1.7 BITDAX.IO ensures the Coin issuer’s opportunity to reapply if the key reason for Coin listing rejection indicated in BITDAX.IO’s official listing rejection will be eliminated.

1.8 In case the Committee approves listing of the Coin, then BITDAX.IO has a right, but not an obligation to inform Users about this Coin by means of email notification or Social media post.


2.1 The foundation of the Listing Procedure is built on criteria mentioned in articles 3 – 9 of the Policy evaluating which BITDAX.IO will decide on the possibility and expediency of listing of the Coin.

2.2 These criteria should be assessed by the Committee.


3.1 The Coin impact

How the Coin influences the development of the domain industry and technology overall.

3.2 Innovation

Technology the Coin uses is innovative and unique.

3.3 Whitepaper

Whitepaper has detailed explanation of the problems it aims to solve and the original ideas behind their solving mechanism, along with the clear description of their Project.

3.4 Roadmap

The Project should have a clearly described roadmap, which they follow in accordance with the timeframes.

3.5 Coin’s business model acceptance

Whether the Coin is suitable for BITDAX.IO’s current business model.


4.1 Founders and staff

Founders should be experts in the domain area of the Project. Staff should consist of a sufficient number of employees working on the Project development.

4.2 Business

The presence of a solid background in business management and a clear vision of strategy is important.

4.3 Project Location

The Coin has a geographic location and the possibility of communication with the developer community.


5.1 Source code

The code is accessible, well-tested, easy to understand and maintainable.

5.2 Developer community

The code is developed and maintained on a regular basis. Active and responsive developer community.

5.3 Security

Vulnerabilities, bugs are regularly fixed. The code doesn’t allow any assets losses and ensures funds integrity.

5.4 Prototype availability

The Project is available for implementation via testnet or mainnet.


6.1 Legislative framework

The Coin does not fall under the definition of a security in any jurisdiction and does not violate any laws by its nature.

6.2 Audit

The Coin issuer conducts an audit on an ongoing basis by professional auditors.

6.3 Compliance framework

The Coin will not interrupt BITDAX.IO’s ability to meet Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance obligations and any other obligations under government licenses in any jurisdiction. Also, the Coin issuer conducted AML and KYC procedures within the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process if any.


7.1 Market capitalization

The Сoin takes a wide part of global market capitalization.

7.2 Trading volume

The amount of Сoins used in the turnover and the frequency they are exchanged are taken into account.

7.3 Exchangeability

The Сoin is listed on the number of exchanges with a wide diversity of trading pairs.


8.1 Project social activity

The Coin issuer actively communicates with its customers in various channels, including email, social media, and support requests and provides timely answers to questions of the community.

8.2 The Coin provision

There is a possibility of distribution of some amount of Coins within Users on the Platform.

8.3 Joint marketing

The Coin issuer is interested in common promotion and PR events and creating a new Project jointly with BITDAX.IO.


9.1 Community activity

The Project has several social media channels with a big number of followers who actively respond to the regular Project’s news and updates. The Internet community provides positive comments and feedback on the Project.

9.2 The Coin growing potential

There’s a possibility of an increase of the Coin value with the Project roadmap progress. The Coin impact on the industry may increase the Coin price.

9.3 Investors interest

The Project benefits from the interest of various stakeholders, including private investors, venture firms or hedge funds, preferably those who have experience in the industry of financial innovations.


10.1 BITDAX.IO reserves the right to delist any Coin from the Platform for any reason with thirty (30) days prior notification to the Users that possess such Coins on their Platform Accounts. BITDAX.IO reserves the right not to inform the Coin issuer regarding the Coin Delisting.

10.2 BITDAX.IO will inform Users that have such Coins on their Platform Accounts about the Coin Delisting by means of email notification and/or by Social Media post. Users bear the sole responsibility for regularly checking updates on the Coin Delisting.

10.3 BITDAX.IO shall follow next criteria while taking a decision to delist the Coin from the Platform:

  1. a) implementation of new regulatory standards and other compliance issues;
  2. b) blockchain or related technology becomes compromised or defective;
  3. c) the Coin no longer supported by the Coin issuer or others;
  4. d) limited trading volume on the Platform or potentially suspicious trading activity;
  5. e) unreliable Coin issuer who ignores listing good practice and act without good faith;
  6. f) violation of the Terms of Use or the Coin listing agreement;
  7. g) complaints by Users and traders of the Coin.
  8. h) detection of other risks related to the listing.

10.4 BITDAX.IO will deactivate the Coin deposit option on the Platform on the next date after Delisting notification.

10.5 BITDAX.IO will deactivate the Coin trading option on the Platform after expiration of thirty (30) days period since Delisting notification.

10.6 BITDAX.IO shall provide Users with a thirty (30) days term after Delisting notification to withdraw Coins which will be delisted from their Accounts.

10.7 If the User does not withdraw the Coin within 30 (thirty) days after Delisting notification, the Storage fee will be applied until remaining Coins are withdrawn by the User or until the Coin balance on the User’s account reaches a zero balance. The size of the Storage fee will be determined for each delisted Coin individually. BITDAX.IO will inform Users that possess such Coins on their Platform accounts on the Storage fee size in Delisting notification.

10.8 Thirty (30) days term for withdrawal will not be available in case of a force-major, namely an event beyond BITDAX.IO control, including, but not limited to the Coin’s non-working blockchain or wallet, due to which BITDAX.IO will be unable to conduct any transactions.

10.9 BITDAX.IO reserves the right to cease any trading pair without prior notice to the Users and/or Coin issuer.