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As we care about the safety of your funds and information, we would like to remind you about our official communication channels and how we work.

We do utilize social media to spread our message and to hear from our clients. However, these channels are not secure for handling support issues and we do not provide support via social media channels.

Our secure online chat is the only channel for support.
As a reminder, here are our official channels:

BITDAX.IO website –

BITDAX.IO blog –

Status page –

Telegram Group (English) —

Telegram Group (Russian) —

Telegram Channel (BITDAX.IO Broker) —

Telegram Channel (BITDAX.IO Broker) —

Twitter page –

Facebook page –

LinkedIn page –

We also send newsletters to inform you about important changes. Emails sent from BITDAX.IO always come from an email address ending with and never include attachments.

Whenever in doubt about any communications purporting to be from BITDAX.IO, you can always contact us to double-check if the message is legitimate.
BITDAX.IO has multiple channels for official communication. However, there is no way to resolve your personal requests through these channels.

If you need help, contact our Customer Support directly. The direct channels of communication with Customer Support are: Live chat and email.

If you have any questions, here is how you can resolve them.

Help Center
Here you can find simple guides and tips to help you resolve the common questions about using the BITDAX.IO platform.

If you cannot resolve your issue on your own, contact our Customer Support team in one of the ways described below.

Live chat
This is a priority channel for communication with Customer Support. Find the live chat button in the bottom right corner of any page on BITDAX.IO website and Help Center website.


Do not create multiple chat threads on the same question. Doing so might delay the processing of your request.

If you need an update on the status or want to ask an additional question, continue in the initial thread created for this request. To do this, go to the Live chat and click Continue conversation.

We process all requests on a first-come-first-served basis.

The official email address for contacting our Support team is However, support via the email is temporarily limited.

For the majority of your questions, we recommend contacting us through Live chat because it allows us to sort and prioritize requests, providing a higher-quality service.

At the same time, if you need to send us documents for passing KYC/AML procedures - just send them in reply to the email, which requested such information.

Phone calls
Currently, we do not provide Customer Support via phone calls.